Health Skin Solution
from Amazon
Acai Berry and Red Propolis
BBH Amazon Real Ample
My Skin Resting
from Amazon
Skin Solution from Brazil Amazon Forest
BBH Amazon Calming Toner Essense
Luxury Gift
for My Skin
Natural Essential Oil Blending
BBH Amazon Facial Oil Essense

Sustainable green earth

The Amazon forest is called the lungs of the earth and is the first
and last hope for preserving the global environment.


Brazil Amazon Clean Area

Natural life Care & Clean beauty

BBH's story to the world

Collaboration between k-beauty technology
and Brazilian Amazon natural ingredients

2022 이탈리아 볼로냐 코스모프로프
(Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2022)

인코스메틱스 코리아
(in-cosmetics Korea)

(in-cosmetics Bangkok)

2023 국제 화장품 원료전시회
(ICPI Korea 2023)

BBH’s Kind Practice

BBH is practicing the ethical value of walking together by signing an agreement with PLANTUS raw material company,
which works with an NGO that protects the lives and environment of the natives of the Amazon.

The last hope for the global environment, the Amazon forest

for a greener future
We can all be happy when we are
willing to do our part.


The natural raw materials used in BBH products start from Plantus' special plant management applied with biotechnology.